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A new artistic movement.

State of play

Freedom has never been advocated as much as it has in today’s society. In France, freedom is embedded in our national slogan: freedom, equality, fraternity! Freedom of movement, freedom of expression and to choose one's way of expression, to laugh, to express one's emotions, to choose one's sexuality, one's sex, one's partners, one's professional careers, to have or not to have children and soon maybe to choose one's own death.

BUT. There is always a BUT ... There are obligations, duties, prohibitions, limits, glass ceilings, general sales conditions, political correctness, anti-this, anti-that, and those who take themselves too seriously!


The neo-pop-romanticism movement advocates a smile, derision and surprise (without forgetting our responsibilities, without setting aside serious situations and life-threatening cases)! It is a child’s laughter that pulls us up for a few seconds in the hurly-burly of life. It is this movement which diverts us from our egocentricity, which forces us to see things otherwise, diverting us from the usual, the regular, the ’everyday’.

This movement is related to romanticism because the works express the states of the soul: "feeling against reason, seeking escape and delight in the dream, the morbid and the sublime, exoticism and the past. Romanticism focuses on the heart and passion, the irrational and fantasy, disorder and exaltation, colour and touch, passionate and melancholic sensibility".

The artist highlights the fragility of the human faced with the unlimitedness of nature, subject to the power of the elements.


The Pop side of the artistic movement is illustrated by the use of everyday objects inserted in the works; as well as popular symbols, with the aim of destroying the sacred aura of the work of art. Such derision is directly opposed to the afore-mentioned romanticism. To create a reaction –laugh or at least smile - divert attention.

Neo-pop-romanticism participates in the anchoring of freedom. It is by being grounded that we are free. We thus create a better collective life in which we know each other and in which everyone is anchored.

Neo-pop-romanticism recommends derision, and humour as a way to overcome the contradiction between freedom and the weight of obligations of the politically correct. The example that comes to mind is communication within the community in which we interact. If an out-of-place word is spoken, genuine relationship problems arise and exclusion can be the result. Exclusion is easy; there is no more issue to exclude. It is a movement of the question of freedom.

Neo-pop-romanticism sweeps the contradiction away between being connected to oneself and open to the roar of laughter. Let's not forget our creative child, our childishness and playfulness! *

Neo-pop-romanticism is an artistic movement. Art is interested in feeling. Humanity needs to play with the world so let's be creative, be a source of emotion, be neo--pop-romantic!

*The computer can feign compassion, but you cannot tell jokes to your computer!

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